Night Club Two Step

Night Club Two Step Birthplace: California

Creation date: 1972

Creator: Buddy Schwimmer

Dance type: American Rhythm

The Night Club "two step" was developed in 1965 by a 15 year old teen from Whitaker, Illinois named Buddy Schwimmer. Buddy Transformed a line dance into a partner dance to work with slower tempo music. He called it the two-step because he used each foot twice in a row. In 1987, Buddy opened a dance studio in Costa Mesa, California and started teaching his dance as the "Night Club Two Step."

Since its inception, the two-step has gone through some minor evolutions leading to different dances. The "Night Club Two-Step" uses the original footwork and styling. It is a compact dance with a relaxed feel. A different version in which the rhythm is reversed has been adopted by the country western dance called the "Texas two step." Yet another variation is called the "Ballroom Two-Step" and features a more gliding and precise style.

Here is a quote by Buddy Schimmer himself about the beginnings of the Two-Step. "Some people say that two step is a combination of Meringue, Samba, and Rumba put together. When my sister and I first did it, we hadn't seen any of these dances. I was just a kid going to the park dance and never did any of that stuff. My sister and my father and my mother taught me how to dance. They taught me the Surfer Stomp. I decided I would only dance it with my sister since it was the only step I could do easily, fast, and well. Then we started doing it as together as the Night Club Two-Step."

The Night Club Two-Step has been embraced by social dancers as the ideal slow dance, allowing partners a chance to do something besides sway back and forth to today's popular slow songs.

This work is credited to BYU-Idaho dance book 2006.

These couples have alot to work on in their Night Club Two-Step. However, it does show you what the dance looks like.This dance is done at alot of weddings, it is a elegant non-traveling dance.

Top Ten Nightclub Two-step Dance Moves

#1 Basic

#2 Double Hand Hold

#3 Outside Underarm Turn

#4 Opening Out Right & Left

#5 Shadow Position

#6 Flip Flop In Place

#7 Shoulder Check

#8 Cradles

#9 Traveling Crosses Left & Right

#10 Through the Window

Other helpful, and entertaining video's

These are the best Night Club Two Step songs as of date, feel free to shoot me an email if you have one that you like beter to ad to this list. These are the current top 20 Night Club Two Step Songs.

top 20 night club two step songs

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