West Coast Swing Dance Classes in Boise

West Coast Swing Birthplace: California and New York

Creation date: 1938

Dance type: American Rhythm

West Coast Swing is the official state dance of California. It has come a long way from its origins in Lindy Hop. In 1938, the song "Sophisticated Swing" was a popular song whose lyrics talked about a new style of dance. Sophisticated Swing was the first name of what eventually because known as "West Coast Swing."

In the 1940s, some dance halls began banning jitterbug because of too many injuries due to its acrobatics, so dancers began turning to the smoother sophisticated swing.

Many people influenced the style and characteristics of the modern West Coast Swing. Arthur Murray renamed it the Western Swing to distinguish it from shags in the south, and began to standardize the patterns in his studios across the country. Dean Collins popularized the "slotted Lindy" approach. Some claim that its distinctive "slot dancing" started on the dance floors of San Diego when the sailors were too drunk to really dance, so they let their partner just dance around them.

Skippy Blair later changed the name to West Coast Swing and began a serious study of dance. She remains one of the leading authorities of West Coast Swing today.

West Coast Swing has been adapted to the music of each decade. In the 1950s, it was danced to Rhythm & Blues. When disco arrived, West Coast Swing was sped up and danced nearly like American Hustle. Now, some prefer it fast and come prefer it slow.

At any tempo, West Coast Swing remains very popular. There are many national competitions featuring West Coast Swing, the largest being California and Georgia.

This work is credited to BYU-Idaho dance book 2006.

This video is how to do the west coast swing. Lots of people like the west coast swing, how ever west coast swing is my least favorite dance of the swing dances.

Top Ten West Coast Swing Dance Moves

#1 Basic

#2 Underarm Turn

#3 Left Side Pass

#4 Underarm Turn with Right Side Pass

#5 Tuck-In From Right Side Pass

#6 Tuck-In From Left Side Pass

#7 Half-Whip Thow-Out

#8 Basic Whip

#9 Whip With Inside Turn

#10 Whip With Outside Turn

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