A dancer, a DJ,

A teacher, so they say.

King of adventure, excitement, romance;

Who is this mysterious CAPTiN DANCE?

Kevin Hunter - aka “CAPTiN DANCE” - is a man on a mission – a mission to make ballroom dance more popular.  Previously contracted through Caldwell Parks and Recreation (January of 2011), CAPTiN DANCE was officially founded in July of 2011 for the purposes of ballroom dance instruction and DJ/MC services.  Renowned for his motto “leave no man behind,” CAPTiN DANCE has successfully taught both singles and couples as young as 81 and as old as 14.

Educated at BYU-Idaho with a major in dance and over 4 years of experience in learning and teaching dance, he specializes in Swing but is qualified in 13 different ballroom dance styles.  Currently, CAPTiN DANCE is working on making lessons available for every night of the week, and has future plans to own a studio and a restaurant with a dance floor.